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Kite-Refit Coating

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Kite Refit Coating 1 Liter

  • Quality Coating
  • For Canopy/Lines
  • Easy to use
  • increases life-span
Product Description

Ultramar Kite-Refit coating launched in 2012 and is an invention by the Dutch company Ultramar. Ultramar has a long history inventing and producing coatings and cleansing sprays for all sorts of watersports applications such as boat covers, yacht sails and much more. From 2012 on Kite-Refit has proven to be the best coating available to give your kite a better performance and to ensure a longer life-span due too the fact the canopy is protected from the elements.

When your kite leaves the factory it received a special PU Coating to protect the canopy, make it waterproof and dirt repellent. This coating however has been proven to wear out pretty fast due too UV, flapping of your kite on the beach, salt and more. Therefore you'll notice the crispy feeling your kite had during the first session is probably long gone after 20 sessions.

Kite-Refit Coating provides a solution for this as it's a stronger version of the original PU coating lasting way longer and easy to apply without the need of expensive machinery. Kite-Refit coating ensures a water and dirt repellant kite which has a better protection against UV, a crispy feeling and a better airtightness of your canopy.

Kite-Refit coating can also be used for your kite-lines to make them water and dirt repellant. By coating your kite lines they'll not catch as much sand and therefore last longer. Coat your kite lines to ensure a long life-span.

Tip: Order Kite-Refit Shampoo to clean your kite thouroughly before applying the coating. This ensures a better bond.

Some of Kite-Refits benefits listed:

Kite-Refit Specifications:

  • Makes kites water and dirt repellant again.
  • Gives the canopy that cripsy feel back again.
  • More direct response while flying the kite.
  • Reduces the chance for mold to find it's way to your kite.
  • Easier to clean dirt after a session.
  • Your kite won't take up as much water after a crash and will not get heavy.
  • Better airtightness of the canopy.
  • Less wear.
  • Easier waterstarts due too water repellant.
  • Use: 1 L = 25 m² 
  • Treat both sides of the kite.
  • Tip: Also treat your kite lines.
  • With one can one can treat roughly 25 m2 of canopy. For a 12 m2 kite we'd advice 1 can because it's best to treat both sides of the kite with the spray. Our advice: Always buy an extra spray can so you can treat spots you missed the first time.

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