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Kite-Refit Shampoo

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Kite Refit Shampoo 400 ML (Spray)

  • Quality Cleaner
  • Suitable for kites
  • Easy to apply
  • Combine with coating
Product Description

Ultramar Kite-Refit Shampoo launched in 2012 and is an invention by the Dutch company Ultramar. Ultramar has a long history inventing and producing coatings and cleansing sprays for all sorts of watersports applications such as boat covers, yacht sails and much more. From 2012 on Kite-Refit has proven to be the best kite shampoo available to clean your kite and to ensure a longer life-span when applying the coating after cleaning the kite.

The Kite-Refit Shampoo cleans grease stains, salt residue and atmospheric dirt from your kite. After cleaning your kite you can give your kite a performance boost by applying the Kite-Refit Coating.

With one spray can of Kite Refit Shampoo you can clean roughly 10m2 of kite canopy. In case you have a 10m2 kite we'd advice you to buy 2 spray cans so you can clean both the inside and the outside of the canopy.


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