Best GP Bladders

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Best Inflation System: EZ

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Best Kite Bladders, Custom-Made: We are the main supplier of Best Kiteboarding International and offer all bladders for Best-Kiteboarding. We use original factory Best One-Pump Valves, Standard Inflate and Deflate Valves and the new Best Twist-Lock Valves. Can’t your find your bladder? Take a look at Universal Kite Bladders.

Made of Matt Polyurethane Film of High Quality: For the production of our bladders we use high quality polyurethane film with a matt finish from America. The matt finish ensures that the bladder is less “sticky” and facilitates ease of installation.


Specifications for Best GP Bladders

Best Model GP or GP V2 or GP V3 or GP V4 or GP V5 or GP V6
Kite Maat 5.5 or 6 or 7 or 9 or 11 or 13
Bladder Type (T2) Center Strut or (T3) Left Middle Strut or (T3) Right Middle Strut or (T4) Left Wing Strut or (T4) Right Wing Strut or (T1) Leading Edge
Best Inflation System EZ