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Cabrinha Strut Kite Bladder Cabrinha Strut Kite Bladders
Price From: 31.99
Slingshot Strut Kite Bladder F-One Strut Kite Bladders
Price From: 26.99

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Only the Best Materials:
All our Kite Bladders are made of qualitative polyurethane (Ready-Made Bladders) and/ or polyethylene (Orange Universal Bladders). In order to avoid the delamination of valves, which still happens quite often because of the usage of regular production techniques, we use the Valve Trap to attach valves solidly on the bladder. The Valve Trap doesn’t only ensure a better bonding of the valve but also that the bladder itself is more solid around it, because this spot suffers from damage quite often.

Produced in The Netherlands:
We believe in good quality and fast delivery. All of our bladders are custom made one at a time in The Netherlands. For qulity assurance, all bladders are inflated tested before they go out!

12 Months Warranty:
Do you have any problems with our bladders? We provide a12 Month Warranty on any factory defect.